About Us

We bring intelligence to your experiences and solve deep abstract problems using AI.

Our Focus

Our Focus

We are trying to answer 4 questions.

What's inside a video ?
How to search inside a video?
How to summarize a video?
How to validate user understanding of a video?



We are very curious and love to solve complex and abstract engineering problems.Teamwork is an important ingredient of our innovative and creative pursuits.Building practical solutions, to geeky problems excites us.
``Anybody can do anything``, is a philosophy that we strongly believe in and practice.

Our Journey


Our product FizzStream is an unique solution which uses Speech Recognition,Image Processing, Machine Learning,NLP concepts,Neural Networks and GPU Computing in innovative integrated ways to provide a FizzD Video Viewing experience.

We are now a technology partner to BrightCove.

Our journey so far has been encouraging, filled with learning, experimentation, and excitement.


Our Team

Worked at Cisco, Rational, Informix.

Studied at NITK, IIT Roorkee.



Worked at CSM Soft, Satyam, PWC, VST.

Studied at ICAI 1977.

N.K. Sherman

CFO and Director

Worked at Qualcomm.

Studied at NITK, Virginia Tech.

Sharath Manjunath


Worked at Cisco, Aspect, Informix.

Studied at VIT Pune.

Vidhya Vinay

Co-Founder and MD

Worked at ITC Infotech, EMC, Cisco.

Studied at Shivaji University,IISC, IPL (MBA) .

Vaibhav Goel

Product Guru

Worked at Sun Edison, Raptor Design, Cypress.

Studied at NITK,ASU,UCB.

Rajesh Manapat

Sales & Marketing

Worked at Mercedez Benz R&D India.

Studied at IIT Madras (B.Tech,M.Tech).

Chandrashekhar Sirimala

NLP & AI Engineer

Worked at Localite, Kuliza, DataWeave.

Studied at DSIT, MVJCE.

Abhishek Sharma

Web and NLP Engineer

Worked at HashCube.

Studied at NIT Durgapur.

Mithun Singh

Web and NLP Engineer

Worked at Citrix.

Studied at IISc.

Sanjeev Kilarapu

NLP & AI Engineer

Worked at Tricon Infotech.

Studied at IIT Madras.

V. V. Sivaram

Web and AI engineer

Worked at IIT Mandi, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College.

Studied at Pune University, Mumbai University, SVNIT Surat.

Ankita Chadha

Speech Recognition Engineer

Worked at 4Dea, Cretif, HCL.

Studied at K L University, Vijayawada.

Shekhar K N V S

Web and AI Engineer


Worked at Univ of Oregon, Georgia Tech, Michigan State.

Studied at BITS Pilani, Ohio State University.

Nagesh Murthy


Worked at SDA Bocconi, IIM-L,XLRI,Tata Steel.

Studied at IIM-A,NIT-K.

Himanshu Rai


Worked at VentureBean, IIMB, IIMU, E&Y.

Studied at ICAI, Delhi University.

Anjana Vivek


Worked at Imergy,Bridgelux.

Studied at UC Davis.

Sunil Kaul

Advisor Sales and Marketing

We Are Hiring !


Streamingo is constantly on the look-out for smart engineers who have an abiding interest in and hands-on exposure to NLP, Machine Learning, HPC, FST, Optimization Techniques, JavaScript Client Frameworks and Server Side Programming. You will find a friendly environment to work in, multiple career diversification opportunities, better-than-market compensation and great colleagues!Rush your resumes to careers@streamingo.ai

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