Streamingo’s Flagship AI Platform

FizzStream is a patent pending platform for generating insights from videos. Built by a team of innovative deep learning engineers and researchers, the team has successfully integrated speech recognition, image processing and text analysis into one single platform. Outstanding product engineering, and packaging of feature functionality has enabled the platform to evolve into a very sophisticated offering to seamlessly cater to multiple markets and use cases.


How does FizzStream work?

FizzStream can process video URLs, Video Files, audio files or text files as inputs. The input is processed, through a sequence of analysis steps, which is called Fizzing the video. Output of the system is a FizzD video .

Login First & Submit your URL

Use the intuitive User Interface or REST APIs for Submission.

Click on Fizz it button

Intuitive, easy to use.

Process the Video

Deep learning algorithms process different components of a video

Access the FIZZD Video

Use REST APIs, EMBED links to integrate FizzD videos into your application.


Experience a FizzD experience for Youtube videos in your Chrome browser on desktops. Built specifically for media and OTT segment. 

Innovative emotion detection, along with intensity of emotions detected. Built specifically for customers in Media and Market Research.

Provide intuitive visualization answers to relevant business questions from FMCG immersive research studies. Built specifically for FMCG customers.

An integrated search for any context inside a video (by speech, or image attributes or text)

FizzStream Screenshots

Feature rich platform with innovations across speech recognition, image

processing and NLP